MR Centre, Aarhus University Hospital


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The MR Research Centre at Aarhus University Hospital 



Based on initiative from the MR-Centre, Aarhus University
 the Danish Strategic Research Council has granted a group of researchers 17.5 million DKK.

The grant is for the programme: LIFE-DNP: hyperpolarized magnetic resonance for in vivo quantification of lipid, sugar and amino acid metabolism in lifestyle related diseases.

The research team includes researchers from Aarhus University, Aarhus University Hospital, Danish Technical University and the universities in Cambridge and Oxford.  Additionally there is a close partnership with the companies Arla Ingredients and General Electric (DK and USA)

The MR-Research Centre at Aarhus University Hospital provides facilities for advanced bioimaging. With a transdisciplinary approach the latest advances in nature sciences and engineering are translated to biomedicine and subsequently implemented in clinical applications. 

The Centre is hosting a high number of pre-clinical and clinical research programs. The top scientific competences are found in oncology, kidney physiology, brain- and cardiovascular functionality, orthopedics and stem cell culturing and application. The affiliated researchers have an educational background as doctors, physicists, chemists, engineers, molecular biologists and psychologists.

Interventional systems for advanced bio-imaging and therapy based on the latest developments within bio-targeting, contrast design and focused therapy is considered a key topic in the coming year’s research programs.

One whole-body scanner (3T) and one high-field (9.4T) horizontal small bore magnet are allocated for research every day. Advanced facilities (housing and intervention) for experiments including animals are present.

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